My name is Nadine, I developed a passion for Yoga at the end of 2013 when training for the London Marathon – it was my first marathon and I needed something else to complement my training. I went to a class with Stewart Gilchrist and got hooked. I thought I was fairly fit-being a runner- up to that point. I discovered yoga on a much different level. The connection between the breath and movement blew my mind and I wanted more of it. I found myself taking a Yoga teacher training course with Stewart 2 years later and going to India on a retreat to explore. I have gained so much both emotionally and holistically from yoga and I want to share it with others through my teaching.
I love travelling and always take up the opportunity to sample and learn from other teachers when on holiday abroad- Nice, Copenhagen, Rome, Kerala. Yoga has healed my body and mind so much that I want to share its benefits with others. I owe everything to Stewart Gilchrist who made his classes inclusive enough during his teaching to make people like me feel ‘part of the party’.