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For buying Money Trade Coin, make payment to MTCX India app and receive the credit of funds in your MTCX India account within 2 minutes after you make the payment.
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Buy Money Trade Coin instantly for as low as Rs 1,000 and experience the future of money.
  • Money Trade Coin is an inception of a fairly new idea of transferring money across borders. Money Trade Coin is introduced as a partially pre-mined coin with the focus of making money transfer a hassle free decentralized process.
  • Money Trade Coin is a new cryptocurrency which is designed to accommodate a wide range of financial and investment goals.
  • Money Trade Coin plans to eliminate cost of banking and currency conversion and streamline the flow of money.
  • Money Trade Coin plans to become a standard currency for e-commerce and the service industry.
  • Money Trade Coin aims to be a strong cryptocurrency within 3 years.
  • Money Trade Coin will hold its ground as a strong backbone maintaining economic stability over years to come.


Round the Clock

Buy Money Trade Coin round the clock, 365 days a year with MTCX India. MTCX India offers quick, easy and effective way to buy and sell Money Trade Coin in India.


Highly Secure

MTCX India is highly secure so you don’t have to worry, as your Money Trade Coin is 100% safe. MTCX India uses industry standard practices.

Regular Improvement and Development

MTCX India is subject to regular improvements and is committed to take care of any functionality and security issues once identified. Hence providing a safe and secure environment to customers for buying and selling Money Trade Coin.


  • MTCX India doesn’t accept cash from anyone.
  • Don’t give cash to anyone claiming to be a MTCX India employee or representative.
  • MTCX India doesn’t permit other users to accept cash payments or to use a MTCX India account for third parties.
  • Don’t share your 4 digit PIN with anyone including MTCX India team. Don’t send Money Trade Coin for any illegal purpose otherwise your account will be blocked.
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