The goal of this two-day event is to bring together cross-industry innovation leaders to delve into the ever changing world of Operational Excellence. Competitive continuous improvement and true performance excellence are crucial in order to strengthen the business model and to be successful. One big hurdle in this process is transforming business operations from traditional to cloud operations, we will discuss strategies to overcome this issue and how to engage senior leadership in Operational Excellence. Other key topics we will focus on are the operational issues regarding automation versus human development and how to make Operational Excellence programmes sustainable and not just paper exercises.

Your competitors are constantly developing and innovating – don’t be left behind!

Unleashing Innovation in Operational Excellence 2017
Special Features

At this summit, senior-level executives will discuss problems and solutions for Operational Excellence and ways to achieve true performance excellence. Key themes will include; change management, innovative operational strategies, the latest trends on maintaining optimal customer service and how to improve it, supply chain improvement strategies and driving OPEX improvement with key suppliers. Communication is key - communicating the direction the service is headed and, at times, the reasoning behind some decisions can make a world of difference.

Join us to discuss and share your experiences of game changing process improvement and organisational change.

It’s all about the EXPERIENCE!

  • Cross sector learning – find out how solutions adopted by other sectors can add value to your business. What can you learn from other industries and vertical sectors?
  • Save time and money – concentrated industry knowledge in two intensive days.
  • Case studies – listen to case studies outlining the pros and cons of new and existing Operational Excellence projects.
  • Networking and interactive sessions – Learn from your peers and build new relationships in our break out and networking sessions
  • Discussion groups – industry-specific roundtable discussions for you to focus on the key issues that affect your business

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Why Operational Excellence and Why Now?

Cost reduction is still the main mantra for everyone in the supply chain, from purchasing, to inbound logistics, to local production activities and final delivery to the customers. We will provide a platform to discuss how to improve and combine the best opportunities coming up from the digital revolution and the possible optimisation strategies coming up from the physical distribution channels. There are many programs and frameworks that can be put in place to make sure that businesses are making the right decisions and understand the return for all efforts undertaken to keep growing.

Points of Discussion

  • Transforming business operations from traditional to cloud operations
  • Creating a stable planning atmosphere in a volatile market
  • Alignment with business and cost optimisation versus cost reduction.
  • Enhancing the enterprise processes to be able to adopt a clear and focused change management model.
  • How to make OPEX programmes sustainable and not just paper exercises
  • The omnichannel and mutation seen between traditional retail and new channels, and how to integrate those changes
  • Operational issues regarding automation versus human development
  • A global supply chain which can serve the customers as well as the local facility but reducing the global costs
  • How do we engage senior leadership in operational excellence?

Opportunities for Networking


Meet over 80 like-minded cross-industry leaders and take advantage of the networking opportunities, both formal and informal. The conference is expected to become a platform for fruitful discussion and networking between key executives from around the world, working towards a culture of innovation. The interactive programme format is structured to maximise learning and networking through fun and informative sessions.


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